Save time by making changes to multiple files at the same time


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WildEdit is an easy-to-use application for anyone who needs to make the same changes to more than one text file. If you had to make these changes in each file manually, one by one, you would waste a lot of time. Thankfully, now there's a solution.

With WildEdit, you can edit several plain text files at once, which is an especially useful feature for anyone who edits source code or formats registries and newsletters.

How does it work? Just enter the old text and replacement text, choose the search parameters, and let WildEdit do the rest. This process can be repeated as many times as needed. You can even undo and redo up to the last 10 changes.

WildEdit can only edit plain text, so it's not compatible with Microsoft Word documents, but Perl and POSIX documents are fine.

The entry fields can also be re-sized. It's even possible to save edits to keep a record of all the changes you make in each session.

- 30-day trial version.
- The trial version doesn't let you edit files over 10 kilobytes.

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